Zacchaeus (Young Zacc) that’s what most that really know me, call me. It all started at a young age, I just knew I was destined for something extraordinary, and it really came to light, when I lost one of my closest uncles, which inspired me even more. Grew up over on the East Side of Atlanta known as Decatur, the greatest city I know. Growing up was like any other young boy, wanting to do any and everything to make sure my family was good, that’s all I was on, so I had to get to figuring out a lot of stuff. Track and field was what I had a passion for, and I was pretty good at it too. I was able to travel, and compete at a very high level, including given the opportunity to compete at a national level, and eventually becoming an All American in the triple jump, earning national recognition. Life took a turn for the worst, but turned out to be the greatest thing that happen to me, because it gave me so much insight, and really made me realize how important life really was. I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, the following year, after I had just accomplished all American honors, and graduated from high school. While going through chemo, I was able to really key in and focus on my thought, and really plan out the next stages of my life. I switched up my life style, which changed up my mind set, which made me want to turn my struggles and pain into pure art, which made me want to do music, putting out my first small project in August of 2017 on Spinrilla, “Decatur Baby EP hosted by DJ PT Playa”, which then put me in position to go on my first ever tour with a artist that went by Trouble(rip), in 2019, which enhanced my musical craft and exposure to a new level. This is only the beginning for me, Decatur is more than just a place to me. It’s who I am, it’s where I come from, it’s where I laughed, cried, was up and then down, then came back up. So come with me on this journey into the real Decatur Baby, Thank you for the love in advanced.

Yours Truly,
YZ aka young Zacc aka Zacchaeus.